ABDI Gate Access

Gated Access

Grayhawk has five residents-only (unmanned) gates and two main gates, manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The gates provide access control for both the Raptor and Talon Retreat. The two main entry gates' primary purpose is the admitting of guests and vendors whose entry into the community has been arranged by Grayhawk's residents.

Grayhawk has made the access control process easier for residents with the implementation of the ABDI gate access system. This system allows residents with internet access to maintain their personal guest list and some of their records. Residents will continue to have the option of phoning the gatehouse notify them of future guests and vendors. 

ABDI System

Access the ABDI system either through www.gateaccess.net or the Gate Access app. You will need your ABDI username and password to log in. You can request your username and password and then change them once you have logged in for the first time. Once you have changed your username and password the GCA office no longer has access to that information. Please make sure to save them in a safe place. 

View the ABDI instructions (PDF).