Guardhouse Project

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Project Overview

The guardhouse remodel project was the result of a great deal of research and planning. Learn more by reading about the history of the project and the project overview.

Current Construction Phase Details

The guardhouse project is broken down into six phases, which are summarized here

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Talon and Raptor guardhouse will not follow the same timeline as originally planned. Updates for each guardhouse can be found below. 

Both Guardhouses

  • Plumbing trim-out (installing faucets and toilets, etc.) and HVAC trim-out is complete. 
  • Cox Communications is expected to come out and make the switch on this week as staff transitions to the new building. The will pull out the wire from the existing building and string it through to the new building.  They will also move the modem at the same time. 
  • Data / IT hookups are ready as soon as Cox is done.  
  • Security / Cameras / Gates comes out relatively simultaneous to Data / IT

Raptor Gatehouse

  • Electric trim-out and temporary power connections are complete – the building has juice! It’s being fed from the existing electrical panel in a temporary fashion until APS makes the final connection to the transformers in the street, which is scheduled for February 27.  
  • Restroom wall tile is complete.
  • Cabinets are installed except for a countertop at the front desk that needed to be remade. 

Talon Gatehouse

  • Electrical trim-out and temporary power are complete.
  • Restroom wall tile is complete.
  • Radio antenna and cable are installed. They will be hooked up this week after IT is connected.
  • Cabinets are completed and look great.  

Check out pictures of the Raptor guardhouse interior progress below.

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