Guardhouse Project

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Project Overview

The guardhouse remodel project was the result of a great deal of research and planning. Learn more by reading about the history of the project and the project overview.

The guardhouse project is broken down into six phases, which are summarized here

Project Updates

  • The general contractor has achieved preliminary final approval for our civil permit and native plants permit. The City of Scottsdale will wait until the building permit is complete before those permits can be closed out.


  • The week of April 17 stucco is going on the courtyard walls.  It will be synthetic, so the color will be integrated.  


  • Park Pro expects to complete their work with cameras and gates the week of April 17.


  • Landscape construction is required to complete the building permit. The landscape architect has begun tagging plant material.


  • The painting contractor will be out the week of May 1 to paint the completed steel pieces, complete general touch-ups, seal the gap between the exterior ceiling soffit and the metal fascia, paint the exterior doors, and repair a section of the floor in the Raptor building that lifted off due to poor adhesion.


  • The road signage design has been sent off for fabrication.


  • There are a few knick-knacks here and there to install including door handles and deadbolts once the exterior doors are painted, decorative bolt caps being used on the structural steel components, some paint touch-up, some site bollards, hooking up the back-up generators, pulling some wires for power out in the median and final cleaning.  

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