The landscaping section of the Design Guidelines outlines the minimum landscape requirements for properties within Grayhawk. If you plan to make changes to your front yard landscape, please submit an Architectural Review Application for approval. Not doing so could be cause for you being required to return your landscaping to its previous state. 

Trees and Shrubs
The Approved and Prohibited Plant List will help you to understand what trees and plants can be used in your front yard landscaping.

Keep the following in mind when working with trees in your landscape:

  • Issues stemming from trees growing near shared walls are neighbor-to-neighbor issues. First, try addressing the matter with your neighbor. If that is unsuccessful, you have the right to trim branches and leaves hanging over the wall and onto your property.
  • Trees growing near sidewalks or roadways are required to have a minimum clearance of eight feet.
  • When trimming trees, properly dispose of branches and debris. Do no dump tree trimmings into washes or common areas.

Please keep landscaping free of weeds. Exercise preventative care to avoid weed growth and save the hassle of having to pull them.

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    Ashley Scott

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