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Transponder Installation and Update Form

    Once you have submitted this form electronically, you do not need an appointment to have a transponder installed. Simply come to the office during one of our regularly scheduled transponder installations on Monday 8-9 a.m., Tuesday 2-3 p.m., Wednesday 9-10 a.m., Thursday 12-1 p.m. or Friday 8-9 a.m. Transponders are not installed outside of these scheduled times.
  2. Category
  3. License plate # to be provided within 45 days of installation of transponder or will be disabled
  4. Transponder Costs

    1st Transponder (no charge) 2nd Transponder (no charge) 3rd or 4th Transponder ($40)  
    Replacement vehicle ($20)

  5. Please note

    Transponders over one year old that are no longer working will be replaced at a cost of $20

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